The Hardware Store at Skansen


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Årsmöte 2024

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The Hardware Store at Skansen


What is most easy for the public to see is our engagement at Skansen where we were involved in the building and recreation of an ironmongery from the 1930’s. We recommend a visit to the ironmongery at Skansen, as well as in all the other places where ironmongeries are located, you find us here.

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We support the hardware store at Skansen

The ironmongery at Skansen was opened on June 18th, 2005. The house is built according to an original located in Hudiksvall. The original in Hudiksvall was built in the 1880’s and there was a paint shop in the same house.  The ironmongers house at Skansen holds, apart from two shops, offices and storages, also an apartment.

The idea of recreating an antique ironmongery on Skansen was born in 1990. In the following discussions it was decided that Anders Asplund’s store in Vasastaden, Stockholm was to become the model for the recreation, since it was so rich in tradition. The store was from the end of the 19th century, but the company was founded in the middle of the 19th century. When the store opened on Odengatan 72 in 1899, it was amongst the most modern ones in Stockholm with interior built on the spot.

When the store was closed in 1992 some of the furnishings and products were taken care of by senior ironmongers. Everything was documented and packed to be stored, and later sent to the future ironmongery at Skansen. “The association for the conserving of Asplund’s old hardware store on Skansen” was formed in 1993 in order to conduct the work of creating an ironmongery at Skansen.

Opening hours for the hardware store at Skansen (Järnhandel och Järnhandels hus) see here. The hardware store is normally open all year round exept christmas eve. During 2023 the store will be open weekends all years round and weekdays from April 1th.