2024-05-17 - 2024-05-19

Årsmöte 2024

Bilderna från årsmötet 2024 finns nu i Bildarkivet


The Hardware stores through the years has had a broad assortment of products. We have from the newspaper Järnhandlaren collected old ads. The ads give a good insight in which Products that were current during in different periods and has been sold by the hardware stores.

It goes also to a certain extent to follow the development of both Products and assortment. Since the Hardware store sells Products to private consumers and companies (B2C and B2B), the Products to both the customer Groups is in the assortment.

Among Product Groups can be mentioned Tools, fixings, house ware, garden Tools, agriculture Machines, sport articles, toys, radoi and cars. Yes the list can be done long.

The newspaper Järnhandlaren came out with its first issue in 1914, but it was after 1925 as the number of ads increased strongly.

From Järnhandlaren 1917

From Järnhandlaren 1925

From Järnhandlaren 1932

From Järnhandlaren 1940

From Järnhandlaren 1956

From Järnhandlaren 1961

From järnhandlaren 1976

From järnhandlaren 1980

From Järnhandlaren 1992