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Many of the industry´s suppliers have a long and exciting history. Below are the suppliers presented with a brief history of the Company, there are links to more information about the hsitory of the companies and links to the Company website, lots of Pictures, ads and catalog pages. Pictures, ads and catalog pages are founfd under the link picture gallery.

Some of the links are to pages that´s in Swedish.

And. Fischer

Wholesalers And. Fischer signed in 1904 alone sales agreement with Westeråsmaskiner in dower for the sale of their agricultural supplies machines. Westeråsmaskiner was started by Oscar Fredrik Wijkman 1874 Westerås Mechanical Workshop.

Read more about And. Fischer here.

And. Fischer catalog 1929

And, Fischer catalog 1935

And. Fischer catalog 1942

Aug. Stenman (ASSA)

The Company was founded in 1881 by August Stenman. The Company manufactured hings. 1910 started to manufactur screw and first in 1939 began the manufacture of looks. The produtcion of screw ceased in 1975.

Read more about Aug. Stenman and ASSA history here.

Aug. Stenman ads

Aug. Stenman pictures

Aug. Stenman catalog 1931

F A Steman was founded in 1849 by Frans August Stenman and was purchased in 1990 by ASSA.

Today ASSA a World leader in looks and access control.

Read more about FAS history here.

F A Stenman pictures

E A Bergs Fabrik was founded in 1880 by Erik Anton Berg. Production of razors was the origin, but over time it evolved to include both kitchen knives and tools. Bahco bought E A Bergs in 1954.

Read more about E A Berg here.

E A Berg ads

E A Bergs pictures

F E Lindstrom founded by Frans Edward Lindström 1856. Lindström was a pioneer in industrial manufacturing methods. Main production consisted of pliers. The company was bought in 1972 by Bahco.

Read more abot F E Lindström here.

F E Lindström ads

F E Lindströms pictures

F E Lindström Catalog 1933

C O Öberg & Co. was founded in the late 1840s and the first factory for the files was completed in 1850. Öberg's was bought in 1975 by Bahco.

Read more about Öbergs here.

C O Öbergs ads

C O Öbergs pictures

Öbergs catalog from 1928

Bahco bought Belzer in 1988.


C E Johansson (CEJ) was founded in 1901 by Carl Edvard Johansson same year he received a patent for "Dimensions Kit precisionsmåttagning".

The invention is sold worldwide and gained great importance for massproduktioen, particularly car manufacturing.


CEJ has also made the second measuring tools, drills, chucks and bicycle chains to name a few product areas.

Read more about C E Johansson here.

C E Johansson ads

C E Johansson pictures

C E Johansson catalog 1938

Today CEJ part of Hexagon Metrology, which dates back to the 1819th

Eskilstuna Jernmanufaktur

Read more about Jernmanufaktur

Jernmanufakur ads

Jernmanufaktur pictures

Fagersta Bruk

1611 was built an iron hammer, and that can be said to be the start to Fagersta Bruk.

1927 formed a group of five steel mills in Bergslagen with Fagersta Bruk as the main use.

Since 1980, operations in Fagersta divided in Fagersta Stainless, Atlas Copco and Seco Tools.

Fagersta ads

Habo Group / Isaksson

1921 started C G Isaksson company. The first produktioen consisted of sugar tongs and harness. The production of door handles and fittings started in the late 1920s. The company moved in 1938 to the Habo, where even today has its office.

2008 name was changed to Habo Group.

The company is now part of Lomand Industrier AB.

Habo picture

Habo catalog 1939


Hultafors founded by Hilmer Kollen. The company manufactured various measuring tools. The collapsible folding rule proved very useful and became a requested item.

Hultafors ads

Hultafors catalog 1931

Read more about Hultafors history here

1992 buy hultafors, Thors Hammare and Hults Bruk.

Thors Hammare ads

Thors Hammare pictures

2005 buy Hultafors, Wibe Stegar AB.

2006 buy Hutafors, Snickers Workwear AB.


Husqvarna started as rifle factory was established in 1689. In 1867 Husqvarna Vapenfabrik AB.        In the early 1870s the foundry was built for production of wood stoves, stoves, pots and pans. Even sewing machines began to be manufactured.

Later also started the manufacture of motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, appliances, chainsaws, outboard engines and garden machinery.

Husqvarna ads

Since 1993 in parts of the old factory premises a museum, which has a large collection of the products manufactured by Husqvarna the years.

International Harvester

The company was formed in 1902 in the United States through a merger of Deering Harvester Co. and McCormick Harvester Co. along with two other company.

International Harvester expanded rapidly and in 1905 they opened the first factory in Europe, specifically in Norrköping. Norrköping plant was closed in 1969.

Deering catalog 1928

McCormick catalog 1929

McCormick catalog 1935

Kockums Jernverk

Kockums Mekaniska Verkstad was founded 1840. 1893 started production of enameled vessel under the name Kockums Emaljerverk in Ronneby (K.E.R.) a business that quickly grew.

Kockums has made enameled vessel in many different color schemes with the one that got the biggest spread is cream colored with green border, which was introduced in 1935.

Production of enameled vessels ceased 1971st

Kockums Jernverk ads


Nilsjohan or Nilsson & Johansson as the  company was originally called, was founded in 1888 by two traders Gottfrid Nilsson and Levin Johansson. The company was from the beginning focused on the household.

The information about the company's products and its function was in the 1940s important for Nilsjohan.

"Nilsjohan Köksparad" and "The Kitchen Club" is for many well-known concept.

Read more about Nilsjohan here.

Nilsjohan ads

Nilsjohan pictures

Nilsjohan catalog 1935

Nilsjohan köksklubben nr 1 1953

Nilsjohan Köksklubben Christmas 1956

Nilsjohan Köksklubben first pages

Sandvikens Jernverk

Högbo Stål and Jernverk was founded in 1862 by G. F. Göransson, who was first in the world managed to apply the Bessemer process on an industrial scale. 1868 change the company name to Sandvikens Jernverk.

1921 started production of stainless steel and 1942 hard metal.

1991 buy Sandvik AB Bahco Tools that are then sold back in 1999.

Sandvikens Jernverk ads

Sandvikens Saw catalog 1929

Sandvikens Jernverk catalog 1935